About Us

connecting canadian and russian- eurasian lawyers with each other and other professionals.

The Canadian Association of Lawyers with Russian Eurasian Interests (“CALREI”) is a non-profit association that is incorporated under the Canada Non-for-Profit Corporations Act. The primary purpose of CALREI is to ascertain the best way to enhance the presence, influence and visibility of current and future Canadian lawyers interested in Canadian, Russian and Eurasian matters. Membership in the Canadian Association of Lawyers with Russian Eurasian Interests is open to all individuals who have an interest in the Association.

CALREI’s goal is to deliver value to our members by creating an open platform to discuss legal issues, foster connections, facilitate new business opportunities and educational experiences. We deliver these objectives through events that feature both legal experts and industry leaders as keynote speakers and provide networking opportunities among lawyers and other professionals.

CALREI will organize a number of law conferences specific to legal issues that companies face in doing business in Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and other Eurasian countries. Some issues may include:

  • Key Lessons from Successful Operations in South America and Africa

  • Corporate Law

  • Tax Law

  • Anti-corruption Law and Ethics Considerations

  • Business Development and Mitigation of Risks

  • Sanctions

  • International Arbitration and Conflicts of Law.

CALREI will also be hosting a number of social events across Canada for lawyers and other professionals interested in doing business in Canadian, Russian and Eurasian markets. These social events will give an opportunity to its members to network and discuss common legal issues.

Certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation and a record of Ontario extra-provincial registration can be viewed here.